Mold can make your family sick, damage property, and can be costly to remediate. In the right environment, mold spores grow rapidly on everything from wallpaper to clothing to carpet. Take steps to reduce moisture in your living spaces. Here are five ways that you can help to prevent mold growth in your home.

Clean Up Spills Immediately

Mold can’t grow without moisture. To prevent mold in your home, clean up spills immediately. Don’t leave wet items like clothing or towels lying around. Hang fabrics to dry or wash items first before tossing them in the dryer.

Prevent Mold Growth in Your Home by Having Proper Ventilation

Taking a shower and cooking dinner cause moisture to build up indoors. Always use ventilation fans to prevent mold growth in your home. If an area is often damp, make sure that there is proper ventilation in that room. For rooms that don’t have a fan or a window to allow air circulation, install a dehumidifier.

Keep an Eye on Humidity Levels

High humidity creates an environment conducive to mold. Monitor humidity levels with a moisture meter, which you can find at most home improvement stores. Your home’s humidity levels should be no more than 60%. If you notice that your humidity levels are higher, address the problem quickly to prevent mold growth.

Have Your Gutters Cleaned to Help Prevent Mold Growth

Clean gutters allow water to flow off of the roof and away from the home. Clogged or damaged gutters can’t do their job properly. This will cause moisture build-up and it may result in mold growth. Have your gutters cleaned at least twice every year. Repair or replace damaged guttering to keep water moving away from your home.

Repair Leaks Around the House

A leaking roof or dripping pipes under the sink can cause mold growth in the home. Peeling or bubbling wallpaper or paint may be a sign of a leak behind your walls. Moisture in the attic from a leaky roof or in the walls from a busted pipe creates a mold-friendly environment. Check the attic for damp insulation or water stains on the wood. Look for signs of plumbing problems around the house and repair issues when they arise.

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