Buying a home is a major commitment. You may feel like the work, time, and money that you invest is a waste if you choose the wrong house. If new problems come up every week that involve costly repairs, you’ll likely be second-guessing your purchase. Documenting any issues is the main reason homebuyers should order a home inspection. Here are a few ways an inspection can protect you and your investment.

Order a Home Inspection as a Baseline

Some people buy a home to enjoy for decades, while others want to flip it in a few years for a profit. Selling your house can be more lucrative when the buyer gets a home inspection and compares it to the original report ordered when you bought the house.

Your inspection will document the status of the home as of your closing date. Differences in the inspection reports will show changes that you’ve made since you bought the property. The next buyer will be able to understand the home’s history and see improvements made to and maintenance of the property.

Inspections Verify the Seller’s Claims

The seller hopes to inspire you to have confidence in the home. That is why a home inspection is a helpful tool. If the advertising describes the roof as “new”, the inspector can back that up with a report stating that the shingles still have 15 years of useful life. The same is true for the status of the HVAC system, electrical wiring, or any other systems and components of the home.

The Report Gives You Negotiating Power

Once you’re interested in a home, your next step is to learn about the condition of the property. Order an inspection to improve your negotiating position. With the facts about the home on paper, a seller cannot deny that there is some room to work with the buyer on the price. The home inspection gives you the leverage you need to get a better deal.

Order a Home Inspection to Find Hidden Issues

No matter how knowledgable you are, you lack the training, experience, and equipment of a home inspector. Anything from inadequate insulation to plumbing leaks may be present without any visible evidence. The home inspector can detect those issues and document information that’s important for your long-term financial and physical health.

As a home buyer, ordering an inspection will improve your negotiating position. The more you know about the home, the more power you have during the sale process. Order a home inspection to protect your investment.

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