Moving to a new home is a stressful and time-consuming endeavor. Create a plan ahead of your move to feel more prepared for this task. There are a number of common mistakes when moving that can happen without proper preparation. Take a look at these moving pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

Renting Your Old Home Without Proper Planning is One of the Mistakes When Moving

It may seem like a smart idea to keep your old home as a rental. It is potentially a good investment. However, being a landlord requires a lot of effort and extra expenses. All of this is more difficult if you don’t live nearby. Before you decide to keep your old home and rent it out, do some research into what is required of a landlord.

Placing Your Belongings in Storage, Rather than Moving Them

If you are moving into a home you will live in for a long time, it is best to move your belongings immediately rather than store them. Storage can be expensive. It is common for people to place their possessions in storage, forget about them, and pay more for storage than the belongings are actually worth.

One of the Common Mistakes When Moving is Expecting Your Furniture to Arrive Right Away

Often, it takes movers a week or more to deliver your possessions if you are moving out of state. It may take you two days to drive to your new home, but your possessions may not arrive for another week. Plan accordingly. Take any essentials with you in your vehicle. Keep all the documentation from the moving company with you. Some companies allow you to track your possessions online as they are in transit.

Assuming Your New Home Will Be Like Your Last

When you move, you leave behind familiar people and places. People often want to set up a new home that mirrors their old one. Be prepared for a different furniture arrangement in the living room, a new system of kitchen organization, and even a new restaurant for date nights. Moving to a new home offers new opportunities and experiences. Take time to get to know your new house and your new city, and be prepared for changes.

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