To keep your family and property safe, it’s important to know how to recognize electrical problems. Issues with your wiring or circuits are a fire hazard and can lead to injuries and fatalities. Learn about signs of electrical problems in the home so you can address them as soon as possible.

Buzzing Sounds Indicate Electrical Problems at Home

A common sign of an electrical issue is noisy or buzzing outlets or switches. Switches and outlets should be silent. If you notice humming or crackling, contact a professional electrician for repairs immediately.

Warm Outlets

Another common sign of an electrical problem is light switches or outlets that are warm to the touch. If you notice warm or hot outlets, your electrician can check the wiring and make repairs. Whatever the case, warmth or heat from any light switch is an indication that something is wrong with your electricity or lighting fixtures.

Flickering Lights Might be an Electrical Problem in the Home

If lights are blinking or flickering in any room of your home and it’s not because of a loose bulb, this is an electrical problem that requires attention. Call a professional to find and identify the source of this problem right away. Loose bulbs, loose wiring, or power surges may cause lights to flicker. A power surge may be traced to an appliance or an electrical fixture that is pulling too hard on the electrical system’s resources.

Loose Outlets

Some electrical problems can be solved easily. Making repairs to a loose outlet is inexpensive and simple. If you notice a loose outlet in your home, repairs should be made as soon as possible in order to protect the wiring inside. However, this is an easy fix that you can tackle yourself. Just remember to turn off the power to that outlet before you tighten it.

Problems with the Home’s Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are designed to prevent dangerous electrical situations and fires in the home. When a circuit breaker trips, it signifies an electrical overload problem on the system. If you find you often trip a circuit breaker, call an electrician to add another circuit to your home’s electrical system.

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