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Wood Burning Appliance Inspections

A wood burning appliance inspection carried out by a Wood Energy Technical Training (WETT) certified professional can be arranged at the same time as your home inspection.

Most insurance companies require inspection of wood burning appliances be conducted by a WETT Certified professional to determine if there is evidence of any potential problems with the installation of the wood-burning appliance or with the installation of the chimney. There are currently three (3) levels of classification for WETT Certified professionals:

Level 1: WETT Certified Visual Inspector

  • Basic visual inspection of the readily-accessible parts to determine if the system meets current regulations.

Level 2: WETT Certified Chimney Sweep

  • Cleaning, servicing and maintenance of the chimney system.

Level 3: WETT Certified Technician

  • Installation, servicing, inspection, and maintenance of the wood burning appliance.

In order to provide clients with the highest level of inspections, for both your home and wood burning appliances, we use the services of Level 3 WETT Certified Technician Calvin Neufeld, of Island Chimney Service for WETT inspections. With the highest level of certification Calvin and Island Chimney Service is able to provide the most thorough wood burning appliance inspection for your safety and peace of mind.